Nursultan Nazarbayev awarded the title of Honorary Doctor, University of Tsukuba


Tokyo, Japan

During the awarding ceremony, the Leader of Nation noted that University of Tsukuba is a world-class educational and research centre known for its long-lasting history.

- It is worth the fact that Tsukuba is among the Japanese universities with the largest number of Nobel laureates. The University is the most demanded among Kazakhstanis, 105 of our students have already received Tsukuba diplomas. And most of them are scholars of Bolashak Program, said the First President of Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that awarding him the title of Honorary Doctor is a sign of respect to Kazakhstan’s nation.

- For my part, I note that I have always attached great importance to educational growth and youth policy in our country. We are pleased that the cult of knowledge in our country has become an integral part of society, said the Leader of Nation.

At the end of the speech, the First President of Kazakhstan congratulated all participants in the ceremony on the Emperor Naruhito’s taking the throne and the beginning of the Reiwa era in Japan.