Nursultan Nazarbayev meets with Prime Minister Askar Mamin


During the meeting, the Leader of Nation has been informed of the current social and economic situation in Kazakhstan and the measures taken to improve the nation’s welfare.

The First President of Kazakhstan placed a greater focus on the significance of quality execution of the 100 Specific Steps Nation Plan’s Items to actualize the Five Institutional Reforms.

- The economic situation is not bad. Now it’s important to be scrupulous about implementing the Nation’s Plan. There are completed tasks, but there are also unfulfilled ones that require attention, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

In turn, Askar Mamin provided information on the realization of key indicators of economic development for 2019 and plans to further strengthen the national economy.

- The nation’s economy is advancing sustainably. We have achieved high economic indicators. In accordance with the indicators of 2019, GDP growth amounted to 4.5 percent. The main drivers are construction, transport, trade, communications, the Prime Minister said.

So, according to Askar Mamin’s report, the growth rate of the construction industry amounted to 12.9%, trade - 7.6%, communications - 5.2%, transport - 5.1%, manufacturing - 4.4%, and mining - 3.7%. Real incomes of the population grew by 5.5%, investment in fixed assets grew by 8.5%, and commodity circulation amounted to 97 billion US dollars.