Congratulation of Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev on Victory Day


May 9 stands for courage, dedication and heroic devotion to the Motherland.

On this day we remember all the unfadable act of courage of our fathers and grandfathers, losses and hardships that have fallen to the lot of those generations.

Millions of people by sacrificing their own lives defeated fascism for a happy and quiet life of descendants.

We are living under a peaceful sky, we are building a strong and independent Kazakhstan, and we believe in the bright future of our country owing to their act of bravery.

We bow down before anyone those who have walked along the heavy paths of the war, who forever remained on the battlefields, who worked in the rear and forged the weapons of Victory.


Dear veterans of war and the rear,

Your life is an example of true love of country.

You stopped the very deadly war in human history 75 years ago.

Enormous price has been paid for that victory.

Our sacred obligation is to preserve the imperishable memory of your deed.

We will always remember the heroes of that war,  surround veterans with care, keep harmony and solidarity of the people.

It is the nation’s unity that is the main guarantee of all our victories and achievements.

I heartily congratulate all people of Kazakhstan on the Victory’s anniversary!

I wish you good health, long life and peaceful skies overhead!