Congratulation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev on Nauryz Holiday


Dear people of Kazakhstan!

I congratulate you on Nauryz Meiram – the holiday of spring, renewal and creation.

The whole people of Kazakhstan are waiting and wholeheartedly celebrating the vernal equinox.

Reflecting the greatness of national culture and ancient traditions of our people, Nauryz unites representatives of all ethnic groups living nowadays in Kazakhstan.

During the years of independence, this holiday has become a clear symbol of consolidation and one more evidence that unity, stability and inter-ethnic harmony are the cornerstone of harmonious development of the state and a guarantee of great victories.  

It is crucial to preserve and strengthen the key values of our independence despite all challenges and threats facing the country. Our people always honourably meet these challenges. I am confident that we will remain so in the future as well. 

On this bright day, I would like to wish peace and tranquility to our common home – the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Let tranquility and mutual understanding prevail under each shanyrak.

I wish you all happiness, good health, and prosperity!