Short films dedicated to the Capital Day were presented at the Library of Elbassy. Teachers from Kyzylorda region, military personnel of the University of defense, as well as law enforcement officers watched two films – "Point of attraction" and "Center of development". 

Saltanat Oryntaykyzy - Kazakh language and literature teacher came from Zhalagash district of Kyzylorda region. Sharing her impressions of visiting the Library of Elbassy, she noted that the work of all the people of Kazakhstan is reflected here. On the eve of the capital's birthday, it is especially interesting to learn more about the history of its construction and formation on the global stage. 

"The film "Center of development" tells about the city, but it feel like that this is a story about the people. Our ancestors were always able to defend their territory, the land of nomads is known to all, but Kazakhstan made itself known to the whole world only during the years of independence. This is the solidarity of our people, this unity around the goals to which Elbassy moves us, - "says Saltanat Oryntaykyzy, the teacher of the Lyceum school No. 123 of Zhalagash district, Kyzylorda region.

The film "Point of attraction" also tells about the birth and strengthening of Nur-Sultan as a center, which became the driver of Kazakhstan's economy, an important partner for the world powers, especially in the peace negotiations. But the capital is also a city of hopes, dreams and ambitious plans. As Erkin Kuanyshev from Kyzylorda region says, this is the point of attraction for all young Kazakhstanis. A promising teacher, though living in the region, always tries to be aware of the most relevant development programs, for example, for teachers.


"We are sending our young teachers to business promotion courses. The task is to give them the opportunity to diversify their own abilities, to reveal new talents to improve their well-being. Last year, more than 10 people won grants for their startups. For example, Zhanat, an English teacher won 1 million tenge and alongside with the work he opened a business – sewing national clothes, decorative and applied arts", – said Erkin Kuanyshev.

         More than 400 people watched the films in two days of screening in the Library of Elbassy.