The history of “Nur Otan” Party is closely connected with the name of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. Nur Otan became a leading political force of the country under his direct supervision. Elbasy is an ideologic inspirator of the Party; he was one of its initiators and establishers.


On January 19, the Public Headquarters in support of presidential candidate N.A. Nazarbayev was reorganized into “Отан” (Otan) Republic Party (Motherland) 

February 12, – “Отан” Republican Political Party” Public Association (hereinafter “Отан” RPP) was registered 

On March 1, the I Founding Congress of RPP took place, where the Party of Kazakhstan People Solidarity, the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan, the Liberal Movement of Kazakhstan, “For Kazakhstan 2013” Movement joined “Отан”. 

On August 18, the II Extraordinary Congress of “Отан” RPP took place 


On January 4, “Жас Отан” (Zhas Otan) Youth Department of the Party was established.

2001  On April 20, “Отан” RPP Doctrine was accepted at the III Congress of “Отан” RPP
2002  November 9, – the IV Extraordinary Congress of “Отан” RPP took place. Party’s Small and Medium Business Development Program for 2003-2005 was approved. People Cooperative Party of Kazakhstan and Labour Republican Political Party joined “Отан” RPP.
2003  July 12 – the V Extraordinary Congress of “Отан” RPP

March 12 – the VI Extraordinary Congress of “Отан” RPP took place 
July 18 – the VII Extraordinary Congress of “Отан” RPP


On May 31, the Central Office of “Отан” Party moved from Almaty to Astana 

September 9, – the VIII Extraordinary Congress of “Отан” RPP took place

Public offices of “Отан” RPP opened in November. 


July 4 – “Асар” (Assar) Party joined “Отан” at the IX Extraordinary Congress of “Отан” RPP

December 22 – Civil and Agrarian Parties joined “Отан” RPP at the X Extraordinary Congress of “Отан” RPP. Later in the day, “Отан” RPP was renamed into “Нур Отан” (Nur Otan) People’s Democratic Party 


On July 4, the XI Extraordinary Congress of “Нур Отан” PDP took place 

September 11 – Parliamentarism Institute of “Нур Отан” PDP was established (now – Institute of Strategic Initiatives)


March 3 – establishment of Republican Community Anticorruption Council under the supervision of the Party

May 14 – the I Congress of “Жас Отан” Youth Department 

November 25 – establishment of Party Control Committee of Party Central Office (now – Party Control Service)

2009  May 15 –the XII Extraordinary Congress of «Нур Отан» PDP 

On May 26, the Higher Party School of «Нур Отан» PDP was established (currently – Political Management Academy of the Party)


On January 12, “Kazakhstan 2020” Nationwide Coalition of Democratic Forces was established (now – “Kazakhstan 2050»)

On February 11, the XIII Congress of «Нур Отан» PDP took place

November 25 – the XIV Extraordinary Congress of «Нур Отан» PDP


On November 16, the II Congress of “Жас Отан” Youth Department 

December 14 – the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev read his Message named “Strategy of Kazakhstan 2050” to the People of Kazakhstan: New Political Line of the Accomplished State” 


October 18 – Doctrine of the Party was approved at the XV Extraordinary Congress of “Нур Отан” PDP, “Нур Отан” PDP was renamed into “Нұр Отан” (Nur Otan) Party


November 11 – extended session of “Нұр Отан” Party Political Council, where the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan read his Message named “Nurly Zhol – Way to the Future” to the People of Kazakhstan; Anticorruption Program of “Нұр Отан” Party for  2015-2025 was approved.


March 11 – the XVI Congress of “Нұр Отан” Party 

April 9 – the III Extraordinary Congress of “Жас Отан” Youth Department


January 29 – the XVII Extraordinary Congress of “Нұр Отан” Party


November 3 – The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev gave a start of party modernization at the extended session of the Political Council of the Party


March 28-29 – the IV Congress of “Жас Отан” Youth Department

June 1 – extended session of the Political Council of the Party

On November 15, the I Forum of Primary Party Organizations took place in the capital of the country


February 27 – rebranding took place at the XVIII Congress: the name of the Party is  written in the Latin alphabet henceforth, “Nur Otan” logo reflects the establishment of the 17th region of Kazakhstan.  In addition, a new “Community of Wellbeing: 10 Goals of the Decade” Party Program until 2013 was approved.

On April 23, XIX Extraordinary Congress of “Nur Otan” Party took place. The Chairman of the Party Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to nominate the acting head of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev for presidential election from Nur Otan Party. His proposal was supported unanimously by 623 delegates.